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On Warfare...

Excerpt from the Stoneshout reports, prior to the opening of the dark portal

On Our War:
The war supplies effort is drawing to close, and both sides have based it around not a peace treaty, but simply a ceasefire for a common goal.

This is not uncommon, as neither sect has the man power needed to wholly invade and occupy the other. Note the objective: occupy. It would hardly serve to raze such cities to the ground if the enemies would only regroup else where and continue the fight and each side would continuously exhaust themselves.

The past, if it is indeed doomed to repition, has shown thusly. Were one to invade, hold and assimilate the other, which neither seems to possess the capacity to do so at this point in time, it might be the beginning of the end for one sect, but such a feat seems strategically improbable considering both sects have done their utmost to protect their vested intrests.

At best, those of a more belligerent nature can simply pick at kinks in armor, taking a bellows to what may be a dying spark of what once was true warfare.

Some believe their may be glory in such epic battles. I cannot concur. These minuit battles are nothing but the wanning screech of dying hawks, heralds of a war long since past into history but never obscurity. They know not why they fight, but they would have nothing to do with themselves otherwise, save to watch their swords and bodies rust. Meanwhile the rift bewteen heroes and purpose widens even as the rift bewteen purpose and politics has bridged, composed of our soldier's corpes and erected in needless bloodshed.

Our history has yet to honor any great peace-activitsts in a meaningful way. Jaina Proudmore remains living in what some might consider a relative exile, cut off from alliance support, while the statue of her Father, who could have been considered nothing short of despot at the end of his carreer, remains plated in gold in Stormwind keep. Heroes mean morale, morale means fight-ready armies, fight-ready armies means probably annexation of territories, and these heros will lead the politicians to a wonderful new era of taxes...I mean these heroes will lead our armies to a wonderful new era of peace at the cost of one-sides right to live, after all, war is designed to cause peace...it's just one side wants all the peaces to themselves without fear of retaliation of any great note.
Considering trade threats from the defias, to the blood sails, to the venture co, to name a few, I highly doubt, even if accords could be made at free trade, there would be much prospering to be had.

And so we mock fight.

Even the battelgrounds are nothing more the border skirmishes with handfuls of troops amounting to nothing more than fringe-combat that result in no lasting changes, either the addition or loss of permenant territory.

Some whisper of peace, but others scream for war and neither side is being sated. While both may accept there are signifigantly larger threats to be concerned of. Horde Pride or Alliance Honor will not matter should we all be piles of ashes, and here in lies the foreseeable dilemma:

During this truce...we naturally remain in a precipitous peace. However, we fight together, if not hand in hand...when the smoke over the burning crusade finally settles one side will surely be in a better state than the other....

This is the event Generals and strategists alike must prepare for, even as politicians ready their plaques and medals. The marble crafters prepare to immortalize our heros in stone even as many more in the shadows would carve the headstones of they and they're commrades. While any force continues to work against peace, war is the only alternative and one needn't be an expert on the subject to predict the outcome of what happens when people with weapons confront people without them.
It's only a matter of time before one side feels they have that advantage and acts upon it, with or without full support and that will be bloody but it also might be lasting. Peace may be achieved through war, but at what cost?




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