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On defense

A chapter as written in response to a worthy Tauren adversary, dedicated to Kaphik. May we meet on the feild of battle as honored enemies.

An such our treaty begins

On strengths...
Each side certainly has it's list of strengths and weaknesses what with to move across the chessboard. But it takes an ambitous hand indeed to have a grasp so far-reaching and it's not necessary we have to use a fist for such matters. We need merely have a finger on every alliance resource. I am not so vain to be a commaner of all forces, nor a creature who fails to recognize the talents of others. The night-elves will organzive the brunt of ranger-reconissance, the gnomes leading their own war through the development with new technologies which should appeal nicely to our future goblin allies when augmented by doing what humans do best: business, second only to goblins. Money talks and they will certainly play the feild. But in the end, who truly benefits via the accusition of wealth?  The horde-lands certainly possess some raw natural resources the venture company has only just begun to tap...We just need to get to them first and get a few choice deals made.  And if you think dwarven fortifications are stalwart now...well, lads, ye ain't seem nothing yet.  We haven't even had to close the gates of Ironforge and what with the deepran tram connecting the major cities being rather impregnable from convential war-fare as opposed to your exposed zepplins,  well, I'd say your in a bit of a spot....The large river from lakeshire dividing all main heartland territories can be as much as hindrance as a blessing. The creative uses may be limited only by our resourcfulness.

On weaknesses:  Only a fool fails to recognize their limitations. Holding off the more power-hungry who would seek to capitolize on any new events would be a primary if hidden objective. Signs of dissidents all around us, from the splitting of the defias free-mason to the Red Ridge watch, the People's militia and the Night Watch being sure signs of trouble. However, these forces, while disillusioned may be united by a common threat. If news of the hordes depredations in stranglethorn, which is an inevitable given it is a very direct and threatening route to the heart of the motherland, may stir these forces to unite, a common threat is a very unifying entity. The Night elves and now Dreani possess the most perilous areas, where reinforcements are hard pressed to be dispatchted with great ease, however the fortifications of both areas far surpasses that of most great bastion cities, the Draeni's use of technology being of great boon, and he Kaldorei's magic defenses, as well as the natural buffer their great tree provides serverly limits enemy advancement torwords the main lands.

On Mass Movement ...
When the zepplins strangely seem to go missing carrying platoons of support troops, as among their only greatly expedient means of transportation, it would be unfortunate indeed. However, I will not allow fine warriors to go so gently into this good night.  They will arrive at their destination safely with no cheap tactics employed, but once there...my generosity ends.  The afore-mentioned tram allows safe moment of troops, supplies and evacuation that horde do not possess. This is a great boon that should not be over-looked...however, it should also be noted the security breech can be unpredicated...

On diplomacy
As much as it pains me to preserve the misbegotten and corrpupt nobility of Stormwind and it's self-serving decadence I can no more allow the radicals of the horde to run amok in the streets of the city as I could allow the same mad-men  of the alliance to set Ogrimmar and Mulgore ablaze. Hence, diplomacy is key in all things, in all matters. Staying the hands of genocidal maniacs holding both torches and power will most probably be the greatest battle.  However, the enemy of my enemy...

The Night elves connection to the land cannot be denied, nor can that of the honorable Tauren, however...we must question those who allow the forsaken to lie with them...how far off the cycle might we be willing to tread? Perhaps there are more than a few dissodents among the Plain-roamers that feel such bed-fellows who sleep in a crypt may be too much to bear...the Emerald circle may be inclined to agree. The Forsaken, as pitiable their plight is, seemed to, in general, be of warped and often depraived mindset, making them little better than undead capabe of a dark human cunning, unchecked by lack of morality.

However, The Forsaken are in a rather precarious locale. Wedged bewteen the Kirin Tor who may be most interested in ensuring the safety of their remaining stronghold from the forsaken depredations,  the insatiable Scarlet crusade and wholly cut-off from the brunt of horde forces with only 2 single modes of travel available to them: the afore mentioned zepplins and their large bats. A good plan is only as valauble as it is novel. Your  predictablec aerial transportation should prove wonderful for collabrating our new seige technology. And should the Scarlet Crusade somehow recieve word of a seige prior to our own arrival via the emissaries seen within our own streets and the Scourge even manage to batter the defenses, it would seem as if the Mortuary would fall like, well, la corpse dropped from a loft.  Even if survivers remain, by placing  a scant crew to make scary sounds and let them know the canons remain loaded and at the door of the rotten-city and continued word to the monastary-dwellers, in addition to a few reinforcements we may be able to garner from the wild-hammer clan seeing as we all don't enjoy the presence of the rather belligence trolls, and I think we might have flushed one house of cards.

Booty Bay would prove to be quite a challenge, a veritable portal to the barrens into a safe harbor the horde shouldn't dare to attack less they alienate the goblins, the cape could be quite the prize.  The bloodsails, for all their bravado are marooned on the banks with no great fortifications on land. Providing Booty bay with aid while bolstering our presence within the area could prove more than lucrative. Further, The Venture  company can again play a great role provided we can secure temporary relations with them in the barrens.

Hopefully, the thorium brotherhood may be like-wise persuaded and should we convince the majority of the denizens the horde would be hard-pressed to take Azeroth, of which Lorderon could do as a fine example, and it should be noted we have bastions of defense in this land, where as the horde is hard-pressed to truly conrol any sufficient territory.  Should we dictate the sign of the times and write history quick enough, people may follow the print before the ink dries and such will the alliance defend these lands Azeroth, Khoz modan and take back our fallen Lordearon.

All the while we bring the great fight to Kalimdor, however, such is the subject of our second Treaty:

On Offense

This old war dog does like to bark.... 



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