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ooc -

Hmmm, in an interesting turn the BBC had a blurb about the politics involved in selected an american president. I wrote something, though I not entirly sure how it might be viewed. I think I'll save it for posterity....


   "The pride many Americans feel seems directly proportionate to their ignorance in how the finer points of the election system actually works. Many hold these notions of democracy dearly but cannot seem to fully define them.

    Only loosely able to associate with politics on a base level, most people instead rely on their politicans to check under the proverbial bed for frightening issues and letting those elected handle them. It's difficult to keep an eye on politics considering the hard-fought, dare I say decadent lifestyles of many who don't fully realize the freedoms gained, even while working 60 plus hours a week. Admist the bills and credit cards, and sitcoms and commercialism, we let politicians handle the grander things, and get alarmed when they turn sour.

    I think many feel a type of guilt derived from their voting, as being responsible for what occurs, both at home and abroad, but I don't believe such notions last. We soon lapse back into political-apathy after it ceases to be attention-diverting, shiny and new. When the majority of the american people seem to vote more along the lines of party affiliation when selecting a canidate and the parties and even the individial canidates themselves fight with such vitriol that it doesn't even seem like they're part of the same country, it's hard to imagine anything getting done when they band together on Capitol Hill.

    I would like to think we're beyond the need for such things as the electorial college, which seems more an archaic throwback to illiteracy when most Amercians were uneducated and ill-informed. But some of the people cannot seem able to look beyond superficial qualities and tend to select more out of passion or whim, and when most of the country cannot or will not associate with perspectives they feel are divergent from their own, the finer points tend to be missed.

    The above notion of the president exemplifying a paragon of patriotic virtue is interesting, and I think very much reflects the current administration. When one is viewed thusly, can he even fathom the notion of being wrong? Right and wrong are often merely perspective, but the US seems more interested in shouting it's own righteous perspective while shouting down the world majority which is divergent from their vision. I feel this is a large example of arrogance brought on by this notion of infallability.

     Some might say I were unpatriotic to write such things. But love for one's country should not be unconditional, as that seems to absolve us of guilt. I am currently disappointed in many ways with how my county has conducted itself within the last 8 years, but it's the people, not the country, that make the actions that reflect such things. It will be interesting to see how things develope, but like most Amercians, I myself will probably loose sight of things when my workload becomes to great and politics becomes less convinent for my scheduling. That very ignorance is a freedom that is often overlooked, as we blissfully continue on with our fast-food lives. I wish it were exercised less. "  

I haven't decided if this post will make me a pessimist or an anarchist. Considering the current administration, 'heretic' might be a good word as well. 'Anarchist' can become 'anti-christ' so easily. Maybe I'll just go all-american and chose the most trendy-sounding one and hope I fit in better.  Man, I'm a jerk, but dammit, I'm a glorious jerk. 



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