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(Simple ooc, cause I likes to write. And yes, I did have an an extreamly boring day job at the time of this writing. Go fig.) 


  General Olmandis Stoneshout is a name that should have died along with his past decades ago, left in the wake of some epic battle. An accomplished strategist and charismatic ambassador, Stoneshout was often at odds with the various dwarven council members whom he accused of frivously throwing away his kin's lives on needless and pitiless campaigns in which coffers and coffins were both lined needlessly.

 As a result, Stoneshout, in his youth, who rose through the ranks of such prestigous organizations as the Ram Riders of Thelsemar, and as Theif-Catcher of Ironforge, was often shunted from area to area as an 'ambassador' effectivly halting his attempts to meddle with internal Ironforge affairs not to the Senator's liking.

   His wiliness and shrewd manner led him to excell in his position, earning him great titles and merit within the ranks of the WildHammer hills, where he took his second wife, and even within the hallowed halls of the Kaldorei, where his service as a templar and strategist were of asset.

 His honors did not go unnoticed with Ironforge, and nor did his continued attempts of unspoken critiques on war policy, his war journals carried by many self-described freedom fighters, vigilantes and war dessidents. At twilight of his career, after serving in many great skirmishes of his time, Stoneshout attempted to publish his disseration, 'The Stoneshout reports', a critical analysis of the state of war within the alliance. It was quickly panned and deemed neigh-treasonous by key officals of Ironforge. His allegience never called directly into question, and with great support by his allies abroad, Stoneshout was unable to be swept discretly aside. However, it was rumored particular officals had begun entertaining designs on dispatching the former General permantly.

 At the time when the Horde-alliance truce was truly beginning to falter, the aging Olmandis had been called from his current position within the Wildhammer hills, to lead a band of misfits and rebellious soldiers to the fore front of the inevitable conflaggarations. Thus Hordebreaker was born. Olmandis recognized their gaudy blue and red tabbards for what they were: targets, and eventually, funeral shrouds. The best and most efficient way to deal with troublsome soldiers was to have them die namelessly, well away from where they could do any harm.

 Olmandis led the team as best he could, the scant few soldiers and misfits became a small, but powerful band, often leading assualts into the most hellish of territories and disputes. Utilizing their talents, the Old man had essentially created a specialized forces unit, and had tapped unknown potential. Himself having been away the front line in over a century, 'the Lost General'  had to forge his skills anew, re-learning his craft along with his unit. Their final stand came when unsual orders were issued, sending them off to the fallen city of Andorhal. The increased Scourge activity was indeed of paramount intrest,  and though the intel gleamed on how the forces were currently drilling served the Argent Dawn well, the Hordebreaker suffered immense losses. Olmandis himself had nearly succumbed, rushing the ranks of undead with the now-deceased Father Mordakai as support while the ill-prepaired and combat-weary ranks of the Hordebreaker sought to retreat. The Mouth of Kel-Thas, however, seemed all-too-prepaired for such an eventuality. When the smoke lifted the Hordebreaker was all but crushed, Olmandis managing to find respite outside the ruins of what had become known as Scholomance.

 Though no proof could ever be brought to bare, this was no doubt an act of treachery in the old mans' mind, and he thought to prepare accordingly. Disappearing from  the political scene, Olmandis worked an array of jobs when he finally returned from The Hinterlands once more, crawling out from his self-imposed exile and the bottom of a seemingly endless cask of stout, his axes and skill equally rusty. Learning what he could of the current politics and tapping his various resources of allies through dignitiaries, the Old man had escaped from the watchful eye of the various despotic officals of IronForge.

 His influence paid off, resulting in his position of city watch of Stormwind, affording him protection from future political depredations. His other tasks assigned through less conspicous means were as follows, a short stint as SI X's Black Warden at the behest of SI 7's own director of operations, A second rank officer in the self-made noble guild the Peacemakers, and a position as templar in the Iron Seraphim knightly order, where he was reunited with the only serviving member of the Hordebreak, his First Sergent Casmus Solomos. Upon the latest's disbanding, word of Olmandis' reappearence had reached the ears of concerned politicians.

 However, before they could arrange for another "campaign" the old dwarf had formed his own secret, special ops troop, under the cover of a  roving national guard, known as STORM Front commissoned. Composed of an array of talents, STORM front specialized in a multitude of areas, and had a small, but diversified roster. When the portal had been breached, and the latest, most powerful threat had yet appeared, Olmandis' forces were ready. Establishing themselves as a small unit of Honor Hold defenders, the STORM Front could operate both in Azeroth and beyond the dark portal, stationing units in both worlds, and operating with great discreation. Olmandis saw the political scenario of the policians left to their own devices without the usual heros of Azeroth on the same plane as a great threat, for which ever side, horde or alliance, proved the most stable after the ashes from the Burning Crusade settled, could possibly and irrecovably wipe the other off the map.

 The old guard can still be seen about Stormwind, serving in the company of the Emerald Mosiac as a "mere" explorer and Professor of warfare History, serving the Alliance on his own terms, as  a simple Watch Investigator,  and ever-supported by his unit.


Stormwind National Guard
Special Ops Unit

Stormfront is a specialized military unit with no official guild standing, allowing it's members to serve at their own discretion, outside the perview of a standard mility unit. Their special tactics squadron specializes in espionage, investigation, guerilla combat. The current roster contains the following individuals:

Olmandis Stoneshout- Commander, Lead Investiagtor, Feild Commander, Cheif Strategist

Casmus Solomos- First Sergent- Position- Heavy Infantry Feild Commander

Tolasinn Felgarris- First Magister- Position- Cheif War-mage and Chronicler-scribe

Casmerus Stoneshout- First Scout- Position- Chief of espionage, Sniper First class, artillary specialist

Mulciber of the Draenei- First scout-Position- Gunnery Sergent, Sniper First Class, artillary specialist

Lady Cassandria Solomos-First Templar- Position- Cleric and Divine First Aid

Sir Aquinnis of Northshire- Second Templar- Position- Cleric and Emmisary to Stormwind Cathedral, Chaplain
















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